About me

About Me


Awards —

Canon Photography Award 2018

Bachelor of Design 2018

NZIPP Iris Awards - 2018: one silver, one bronze

-2016-17: three bronze

New Zealand Fashion Week photography competition 2018 - finalist

Canon Eyecon Competition 2017 - highly commended




I've always loved photography, as a teenager my bedroom walls were covered with National Geographic pictures rather than pop idols! After wanting to do it my whole life I finally bought myself a DSLR for my 40th birthday and applied to study photography at Ara. During my time there I discovered that I love portraiture, both in the studio and on location. I especially love photographing children and capturing their silliness and love for life.

As a trained teacher with many years of experience in community and youth work I also love sharing my passion for photography and using it in a way that can give people a voice to be heard and seen in society.

I recently held my first solo exhibition at Waip­­una Trust ‘Don’t underestimate us’ featuring portraits of teenage parents with their babies. My current project involves taking portraits of working mothers and their children in their workplaces. I am collecting the mum's stories, and hope to put them together in an exhibition and book next year.